Yanabu Farm
Yanabu Farm
Yanabu farm is the yield farm DeFi on Binance Smart Chain. Users can stake multiple tokens and Pancake Swap LP to get YNB, the governance token of yanabu farm. There are two differences between yanabu farm and existing yield farms.

1. DeFi with youtube

Yanabu is a YouTube channel with content such as DeFi experience reviews, DeFi introductions, and coin portfolios. The reason users come to my channel is because it's easy to tell about some unfamiliar DeFi, crypto. Through the yanabu channel, people could know that there are several ways to make money with crypto.
With the recent activation of the cryptocurrency market, the need to promote crypto projects is growing. In particular, even if they want to promote overseas cryptocurrency services in Korea, they cannot find people to promote them properly. In response to these demands, I will become a YouTuber who can inform Korean users about crypto projects in other countries as well as in Korea.
It is expected that collaboration with Yanabu and the DeFi project will be mutually beneficial. Crypto projects need a means of publicity in Korea, and Yanabu wants to play that role. Yanabu receives advertising fees instead of introducing DeFi projects through videos. 10% of the advertising cost received will be used to boost YNB value. For example, buying and burning can make YNB value higher. In other words, as the yanabu channel grows, the YNB value will increase.
For example, Yanabu currently has 3,000 subscribers. A small number of subscribers, but quite a large number in the cryptocurrency world. Various advertisements and collaboration requests came in. Crypto projects were willing to pay around $100 per project to collaborate with Yanabu, and the DeFi project will pay more as the channel grow up.

2. Yanabu farm ecosystem (Goal is to share profits with YNB holders)

Yanabu aims to share profits with YNB holders by running vault system. BNB, BTC, and ETH are purchased with the profits from farm. those crypto is staked by BSC Defi. And BSC Defi yields profits and accumulated profits are reinvested or shared with holders. Additionally, it is expected to earn revenue from yanabu channel. The revenue will also be used to improve the value of YNB.
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